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Headshot & Resume



Manager:                    Andy Corren Management               310.827.1120

Height: 5’6”                 Eyes: Brown                                           Hair: Brown
Film & TV:

The Dictator, Woman with Toddler, Larry Charles

The Brass Teapot, Mrs. Tudor, Ramaa Mosley

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Coachy Girl, HBO

The Other Guys, Felicia, Adam McKay

Lebanon: Debbie, Ben Hickernell

College Road Trip: Lily Arcarra, Walt Disney Films

30 Rock: Crew Girl, NBC

Best Week Ever: Panelist ,VH1

Late Night with Conan O’Brien: Sketch Performer, NBC

Astonishing X-Men: Emma Frost/White Queen, Marvel, Joss Whedon

The Crushing Blow: Pip Simon, Radical Media/Ford Motors

Terrorists: Mary Jo Salter, Jay Martel, Director

Golden Trailer Awards, Bumpers

Running With Scissors: Veronica (Lead), Independent, Ron Faris, Dir.


Don’t Quit Your Night Job, Jed Bernstein, Prod.

Chicago City Limits, Paul Zuckerman, Dir.


Mother: The Soundtrack: Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

Gravid Water: UCB Theater, CURRENTLY RUNNING

Ms. Jackson: UCB, PIT, Magnet

The Made Up Musical: MagnetTheater, CURRENTLY RUNNING


Baby Wants Candy: Actors Playhouse, CURRENTLY RUNNING

The Tiny Spectacular:The Magnet Theater

Boom! Chicago: Guest Performer


Hot Black Asian Action: Fringe NYC 2006

Listen, Kid: New York Musical Theater Festival

Bass Red Triangle Comedy Tour: HBO Comedy Festival/Nat’l Tour

Vampires in Havana: Step Lively Productions

Under Milkwood: Aron Rollin, Dir.

Measure for Measure: Goodhart Theater, Mark Lord, Dir.


Commercial Auditioning: Brooke and Mary’s Commercial Intensive

On Camera Auditioning: Super 8 with Dani Super, Capes Coaching

Comedy Improvisiation: Amy Poehler, Brian Stack, Tina Fey Armando Diaz, Ian Roberts

Vocal Training/Musical Improvising: Frank Spitznagel, Rob Schiffmann, Travis Ploeger

BA from Bryn Mawr College